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How to Use [trialmarket]?

  • researcher will see the Japanese market reaction to your product by showing the product at trialmarket in Tokyo.
  • trialmarket offers one free space (ca 30cmx30cmx30cm) and researcher should send the products without no charge.
  • transportation cost is researchers burden. Suggested prices should be informed.
    • product should be sent as sample and max 5pcs at once.
    • products will be shown with suggested price, product origin and short information.
    • researcher will receive the photo which shows the product at trialmarket.
    • when the product will be sold, trialmarket will inform the days after showing the product, the purchasers sex and estimated age.
    • when the product remains after 2 weeks, trialmarket will discount and see in 2 weeks what is going on.
    • when the product still remains after total 4 weeks, abandonment processing will be carried out.
  • Pay attention that products will not be sent back to researcher.